The Making of a Student-Athlete was written to help every high school athlete. Whether you are a parent, a player, a coach trying to help his players get recruited, or a guidance counselor trying to bridge the gap between college applications and the recruiting process,  our guide will help you succeed. The Making of a Student-Athlete is not simply for scholarship athletes, or for players looking to play at local colleges at the D2 or D3 level, it’s a guide to aid any high school athlete in their dream to play college athletics.

If your son or daughter is an aspiring college athlete, this book will help answer the questions you have on the college recruiting and application process. As the cost of a college education continues to rise, the dependence on choosing the proper college and possibly receiving financial aid and scholarship money becomes more and more important. The Making of a Student-Athlete will prepare you for the archaic college recruiting and application process and help you find colleges that will be a better match for your son or daughter which will increase your chances of being recruited. You have a small window of opportunity to be successful in the college athletic recruiting process and you have invested a lot of time and money in your son or daughters athletic development.

If you are a coach interested in helping your players improve their academic and athletic careers but not sure where to start, then we can help. By learning the college recruiting and application process, you can learn what you “can do” and “need to do” to help your players in their recruiting process. While you may not know how to help or be interested in helping, we feel that every coach who coaches a high school athlete should to help that athlete get to the next level by any means possible. With the growing popularity of Club, Traveling, and AAU teams for which some parents pay thousands of dollars a year for, you can expect more pressure from parents for assistance in the college recruiting process.

If you are a very talented athlete who is getting contacted by coaches and scholarship offers, there is still much you need to know. Selecting the right school is a difficult process and one that should be done with much research and thought. Not only will we help you determine the best program for your skills and personality, but we will help you succeed once you are into a top collegiate program. If you are depending on an athletic scholarship to pay for college, your ultimate school decision is even more important. If you are unhappy with your choice for any reason, you may lose your scholarship or be forced to transfer and sit out a year.

Not every athlete is a star and gets recruited or gets offered an athletic scholarship. If your desire is to continue playing at the college level, we will show you how to get the most of your ability, how to find a school that meets your academic and athletic talents, and how to promote yourself and your skills to college coaches. There are plenty of roster positions available in college for hard-working student-athletes who are not stars on their team, in their league, or in their state. If you have the skills and desires to play in college, there is a school out there somewhere that would love to have you on their team.

Once you understand the recruiting process and the difficulty your student-athletes face, you can begin to hire coaches who can and will be an active participant in the lives of the student-athletes they aspire to coach.

As your students get ready for college, they may have many difficult questions for you regarding eligibility and the recruiting process. We help you answer the difficult questions such as how your students can evaluate programs that will be a good fit athletically and academically and how they can reach out and contact college coaches. We also discuss NCAA, NAIA and Junior College rules in great detail which will help you navigate eligibility and foster contact between your students and college coaches.

If you are a private counselor, you may be assisting families that have questions regarding athletic participation and high school recruiting. Your ability to assist in this area is important for your reputation and success as a private counselor. Don’t disappoint a family with your lack of athletic recruiting knowledge, rather, use our book to increase your knowledge of college athletic recruiting.