The Making of a Student-Athlete Testimonials

Learn how high school athletic coaches and other sports directors are putting our athletic recruiting guide to use

The Making of a Student-Athlete has been reviewed many professionals who work with high school and college athletes in some capacity from counselors, to high school and college coaches, to camp directors and to recruiters. Also see: parent testimonials.

“Let me say how much I loved the book.  Loved it!  To be honest, there was one part of me that wanted to love it before I read it. There was another part of me that wanted to find fault with it – in that “how could anyone do my job better than me” mentality. So I approached the book with mixed feelings. That did not last long, as I was immediately won over by the introduction.  When David admits to doing everything wrong and then doing it all wrong a second time – I was immediately hooked!

The tone of the book is excellent.  I like that the information is written in an accessible manner – details without sounding too “know-it-all.” The humor that is sprinkled in and the clear examples that highlight the points make it a real page-turner.  I like that the examples used to illustrate points come from a variety of schools, so that there does not appear to be a slant for any one type of school.  You have captured the process and discussed it very well.  The opening chapters about researching and visiting schools were excellent – you described the process much in the same way I do (so clearly the mark of genius!)

Not being a student athlete, I found those chapters very helpful.  I appreciate the suggestions, and the things you ask kids to think about.  Most importantly, I love that you also try to keep the athlete grounded.  I struggle with those kids who think that colleges are going to fall all over themselves to get a kid to go to their college.  Our kids are always big fish in our little pond, and they are rarely prepared for that reality.  I also find the process of recruitment very frustrating, because even the NCAA won’t take responsibility for their publications.  The last publication we received had a very clear disclaimer at the end, saying that information might not be accurate.  As such, I found those chapters in your book particularly useful, and I refer to them often.

Awesome!  The book is very well written, and covers the information I would want kids to have.  The tone, again, is terrific.  Humor and insight really help when dealing with kids.  I think part of why I like the book so much is that you write similarly to the way I speak.  I often thought that you had to be taping me with my kids, because you were covering all the details.  When I thought there was something missing, it appeared not soon after my thought.  I often use humor with the kids, because sometimes the guidebooks are a bit too dry.  That’s one of the biggest reasons why I like your book so much.  Those opening chapters are really excellent – I recommended the book last year, and will continue to do so because I really like those first chapters – even if the kid isn’t an athlete.  I love the way you captured the basic issues of research and visiting schools, and the application process.

So, that’s what I think.  Easy to write a complimentary email – the book is excellent.  I will continue to recommend it to my parents and kids – athletes and non-athletes alike.  I hate to sound redundant, but the tone of the book is its strength – the best information is worthless if you can’t get people to read it!  I hope the book, and you, are doing well.”

Rochelle Morin – Guidance Counselor
Hamilton-Wenham High School, Hamilton MA

“I have been sharing The Making of a Student-Athlete with both my players and my educational advisor. Great job on the book. In addition to being a hockey coach, I have been working with our league on player college placement. I have been telling the other teams about your site and the info it has to offer. I know a few other GM have purchased your book and have found it to be as informative as I have. The Making of a Student-Athlete and has helped me change my strategy of how I help promote my players to college coaches. I use to take a shotgun approach and send out as many letters as possible to coaches, but now we work on a more direct-targeted approach by researching programs that will be a better fit for our players. It was very successfully for me this year and I see a lot more benefits coming out of it next year.”

Dave Chapdelaine, Hockey Coach and General Manager
Hartford Jr Wolf Pack – Ellington CT

“I have had the unique experience of coaching football at the D1, D2, and D3 level as well as high school for the last 25 years, and in that time, I have not come across a finer guide on the college recruiting and college selection process than The Making of a Student-Athlete. If you have any desire to play at the college level, I implore you to read this book!”

John Papas – Director, New England Elite Football Clinic

“During my 19 year career as a coach at both the high school and collegiate levels, I have never read a more comprehensive and well-written recruiting guide for high school athletes than The Making of a Student-Athlete. Dave and Ray explain every aspect of the college search process from choosing the right college or athletic program, to what to watch out for in the recruiting process. Coaches, parents and players can all benefit from reading this book, and they can have complete confidence in the information provided.”

Steve Johnson – Head Basketball Coach
Ursuline Academy – Wilmington Delaware

“As a college coach, I find recruiting student athletes easier when they and their families understand the process. The Making of A Student Athlete does a good job explaining the process and helps any student with college aspirations understand how things work.”

Herb Hand, Assistant Football coach
Penn State University

“When selecting a college to compete at, there are many different factors to consider. Without a doubt, Dave and Ray have developed a comprehensive recruiting guide that can benefit student-athlete’s and their parents with this selection process. Their focus is on helping kids focus on the important aspects they need to consider when researching and selecting colleges.”

Peter Mugar – Head Basketball Coach
Framingham State University

“Ray Lauenstein and his co-author Dave Galehouse have written extensively on the college athletic recruiting process for a number of years. This book constitutes a detailed and comprehensive guide for prospective student-athletes and their coaches and parents, encompassing everything from college selection and scholarship and financial aid availability to applications, admissions, recruiting rules and college athletic life. In all, an impressive compendium, packed with information splendidly organized and lucidly presented.”

Hamilton College
Alumni Review Magazine