The Making of a Student-Athlete Table of Contents

See the over 90 individual athletic recruiting and college application topics we cover in our recruiting guide

The Making of a Student-Athlete is a comprehensive 241 page (14th edition updated in 2017) guide on the college selection and athletic recruiting process. There are 8 individual chapters encompassing over 90 individual topics all geared to educate and prepare parents and high school athletes for their athletic recruiting process. Many coaches and parents are calling The Making of a Student-Athlete the best recruiting resource they have found! See our testmimonials

Why the recruiting & college process is difficult 1
Chapter 1 – Researching & Visiting Schools
Thinking college. When to Start, How to Start 11
How College is Changing 16
Parent’s Role 17
Getting the Most out of Your School Visits 19
What you can Learn by Going to a College Game 27
Public schools vs. Private Schools 28
Big schools vs. Small Schools 30
Tuition: In-State vs. Out-of-State. 32
Matching your Academic Goals 34
Chapter 2 – College Applications
Your College Application 36
The Application Checklist 42
Reach Schools, Target Schools, Safety Schools 45
Admission Statistics 49
Early Decision, Rolling Admission, Instant Admission 53
Waitlists and Deferrals 59
Recommendations 61
The Common Application 64
Chapter 3 – Financial Aid
Financial Aid Myths 66
Financial Aid Basics 69
Financial Aid Q & A 72
The Tools of Financial Aid 74
Saving for College 78
Choosing the Right 529 Plan 80
Non-Athletic Scholarships 82
Merit Scholarships 84
Chapter 4 – Other High School and College Options
Prep School 86
Post-Graduate School 88
Junior College 90
Chapter 5 – Recruiting Section
College Recruiting Introduction 96
Common Mistakes by Parents and Students 97
Myths and Realities of Recruiting 101
Why you may not be “Discovered” 104
Evaluating your High School Coach 106
Getting Everyone on the Same Page 108
How Athletic Scholarships Work 109
Walking on to a Team 117
Rating your Athletic Ability 119
Evaluating College Athletic Programs 122
Evaluating Coaches 128
Evaluating College Rosters 130
Division 3 Schools 133
State School Recruiting 137
State, Regional, and National Tournaments 139
How Coaches Find Potential Recruits 141
What Coaches Look For 145
Official Visits 148
Unofficial Visits 151
Meeting with Coaches: Questions to Ask 152
Coaches Honesty 155
Red-shirting 158
Graduation Rates 160
What Blue-Chip Athletes Should Consider 161
Coaches Assistance in Acceptance 163
Ivy League Recruiting 164
Tournaments and Eligibility 167

Recruiting Surveys 168
Making a Recruiting Video 169
Corresponding with Coaches 173
Athletic Resume Writing 175
College Coaches Contacting You 179
In-home Visits 184
Moving the Process Forward 185
Showcases 187
Recruiting Services 191
Chapter Summary 192
Chapter 6 – Life as a college athlete
What College is All About 197
College Classes 198
Relationship Building with College Professors 201
A Day in the Life of a Student-Athlete 203
Expectations & Things You May not Expect 206
Why College Athletes Fail 208
Surviving Your First Month of College 210
Evaluating your First Year 212
Chapter 7 – Athletic Camps
Why you should Attend Athletic Camps 214
How to Choose an Athletic Camp 218
Alternatives to Sports Camps 220
Chapter 8 – Recruiting Rules and Guidelines
Who is the NCAA 222
Recruiting Contact Rules 224
Eligibility & Initial Eligibility Clearinghouse 230
National Letter of Intent 233
Transferring 238
Conclusion 240