The Making of a Student-Athlete: Synopsis

Learn how our Athletic Recruiting Guide is helping coaches, parents and high school athletes

The Making of a Student-Athlete was designed to provide parents, student-athletes, coaches, and counselors with the most detailed information on the college application and athletic recruiting process for aspiring high school athletes who wish to continue their athletic career at the college level.

While there are many recruiting books on the market today, The Making of a Student-Athlete encompasses far more than simply the athletic recruiting process, as there are many more factors that go into the recruiting process than simply generating interest from college coaches and trying to receive an athletic scholarship. The Making of a Student-Athlete is meant to serve as a complete guide for every factor that contributes to the success of high school athletes wishing to play at the college level.

The Making of a Student-Athlete is broken down into 8 unique sections that cover over 90 individual topics which provide the groundwork for all high school athletes that wish to continue their athletic career in college.

The key to success is finding colleges that are a good fit academically, athletically, financially, geographically and socially, and if any of those 5 factors are out of balance, a student-athlete will in most instances have a very difficult time with college. The Making of a Student-Athlete aims to help put student-athletes in the best possible position to be recruited, identify the proper programs to target, communicate with college coaches, and be a successful student-athlete in the program you ultimately choose. Students that conduct their recruiting process in this manner will ultimately put themselves in a better position to be recruited, and put themselves in a better position to receive academic and athletic scholarship and grant mone.

The book will have a heavy emphasis at not only using athletics to gain admission to schools that otherwise might be out of reach for the average student who is not an athlete, but also being able to succeed as a college athlete. Most recruiting books offer no advice to would-be college athletes once they actually arrive at college and participate in a year-long competitive college athletic program. The Making of a Student-Athlete will also go into great detail in trying to help parents and students decide what schools are right for them and organizing their application and recruiting process into an efficient and knowledgeable process leaving no stone unturned.

As applications to college increase, and athletes begin to specialize in one particular sport and more and more athletic conditioning programs are developed for younger athletes, it’s important to understand how all these factors relates to a high school student’s athletic recruiting challenges.

While there are certain recruiting nuances for all individual sports, The Making of a Student-Athlete will be of great use and knowledge to any athlete of any skill level in any sport that wishes to play at the college level as a walk-on or as a scholarship athlete. The Making of a Student-Athlete is not simply a recruiting book, but a guide to aid you through your academic and athletic career at the high school and college level and prepare you for the college application and recruiting process and is written with the goal of helping any and every aspiring student-athlete regardless of skill, exposure, or fanfare.