The Making of a Student-Athlete College Athletic Recruiting Guide Book

How to Succeed in the College Athletic Recruiting Process

The Making of a Student-Athlete now in it’s 14th edition, is a 241-page athletic recruiting guide book for high school athletes, parents, & coaches who wish to learn the complicated college athletic recruiting and application process. For 16 years we have been helping parents and high school athletes succeed in the college athletic recruiting process.

Whether you are a parent, a blue-chip athlete, an aspiring scholarship athlete, a walk-on prospect, a coach or guidance counselor wondering how you can help yourself or your players, The Making of a Student-Athlete will guide you through the archaic world of the college selection and athletic recruiting process.

The Making of a Student-Athlete evaluates every factor that plays a role in your recruiting process, from the college application process, matching your skills to schools, putting yourself in a position to be recruited, what college coaches look for in recruits, NCAA rules, athletic scholarships, financial aid, contacting coaches, resume writing, camp, showcase, and tournament participation, and much more…

The Making of a Student-Athlete has been used by parents and students at all levels to help them communicate with college coaches, find schools that are a good match, and secure thousands of dollars in athletic scholarship money, academic grants, and additional financial aid.

College Athletic Recruiting Guide


Increase your chances of receiving an athletic scholarship or athletic scholarship money?
Increase your chances of acceptance to higher academic colleges?
Increase your chances of finding the proper program and getting more playing time?
Increase the number of schools interested in recruiting you?
Increase your chances of receiving more academic money and financial aid?
Research different college programs more effectively?
Learn what college coaches are looking for, where they are, and how to contact them?
Learn how showcases, travel teams, and camps play a role in your recruiting process?
Learn how to balance the rigors of athletics at the college level?
Learn why many families struggle with the recruiting process?

Get The Making of a Student-Athlete today and take charge of your athletic recruiting process

“During my 19 year career as a coach at both the high school and collegiate levels, I have never read a more comprehensive and well-written recruiting guide for high school athletes than The Making of a Student-Athlete. Dave and Ray explain every aspect of the college search process from choosing the right college or athletic program, to what to watch out for in the recruiting process. Coaches, parents and players can all benefit from reading this book, and they can have complete confidence in the information provided.”

“Ray Lauenstein and his co-author Dave Galehouse have written extensively on the college athletic recruiting process for a number of years. This book constitutes a detailed and comprehensive guide for prospective student-athletes and their coaches and parents, encompassing everything from college selection and scholarship and financial aid availability to applications, admissions, recruiting rules and college athletic life. In all, an impressive compendium, packed with information splendidly organized and lucidly presented.”