NJCAA & NAIA Contact Rules

Athletic Recruiting contact rules for NJCAA and NAIA Schools

The National Junior College Athletic Association (NJCAA) and the National Association of Intercollegiate Athletics (NAIA) are much different organizations than the NCAA and operate with much different (less) rules than the NCAA

Junior College Contact Rules

At the national level, the NJCAA sets the basic outline of what is allowed and not allowed, but those rules are the lowest common denominator for any Junior College. All 500 + JC’s are subdivided by 24 regions around the country. For example, Region One is made up of all schools from the Arizona Community College Athletic Association and Region Three is a group of schools in Upstate NY.

Each region is free to make up its own set of rules, never lower in criteria to the NCJAA of course. The basic NJCAC rules are summaries and avoid the minute detail found in the NCAA rulebook, most likely leading the strict interpretation to each region. The best bet is to call the school of interest and ask the coach you are speaking with. To our knowledge, the NJCAA doesn’t list any contact rules on their website with regards to high school athletes. To see additional rules, please check out the NJCAA guide for high school athletes

NAIA Contact Rules

NAIA schools have less stringent recruiting and contact rules and can contact a high school athlete of any age at any time much like an NCAA D3 coach. There are no quiet periods or dead periods to adhere to. Pretty basic! They believe more frequent communication between college coach and recruit will foster a better relationship and allow both coach and recruit to make their choices easier. What a novel concept! To see additional rules, please check out the NAIA guide for high school athletes