College Applications

Tips for succeeding in the college application process

The college application process can be as simple or as complicated as you make it. Some students with strong academic records apply to only a few schools they have researched and targeted and find success that way. Others apply to 20 schools of varying levels and hope to gain acceptance to a few of them. There is no set path to success. What works for one student and family will not work for another and there are many factors that can contribute to your success or failure. For high school athletes wishing to continue their athletic careers at the college level, the application process can be more challenging because there are many colleges that you can gain acceptance to academically but which might not be the best athletic fit. You have the duel responsibility of not only trying to find colleges you can gain acceptance to, but colleges (and coaches) that want to recruit you and where you can succeed as an athlete. For many high school athletes, the application process is an opportunity to combine a strong academic record with their athletic skill to gain acceptance to a college they otherwise might not get into were they not attempting to play college athletics. This is something that all high school athletes should try to embrace and take advantage of…


Instant admissions has been around for some time now, but has remained a secret among college applicants. Instant Admissions


In 1984 Boston College quarterback Dough Flutie completed a miracle 60 touchdown pass with no time left. His pass had huge implications for future college applicants. GO


If you want to save money, check your home University first? Is-State vs. Out-of-State Tuition


The common application is used by over 600 colleges and allows you to fill out one application and send it to any school that accepts the common application. What is the Common Application


A funny story about a young man who decided to do something about all the rejection letters he was sending. GO

What’s the hardest college to gain acceptance to?

Harvard University in Cambridge, Massachusetts wins that prize. With an acceptance rate of about 6% and typical SAT scores between over 2,000, Harvard University is America’s hardest college to get into and they receive roughly 37,000 applications a year for about 2,000 spots. The good news is if you get accepted and your family income is less than $65,000, Harvard will pay your entire tuition bill. Yale, Princeton and Columbia round out the list of the top four.