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Dave Galehouse

Varsityedge.com was created in 2001 by David Galehouse, a former Division 1 baseball player and former AJGA (American Junior Golf Association) tour member to provide useful information for high school student-athletes, parents, & coaches. After a challenging recruiting process, a collegiate career that spanned 3 colleges, a serious injury, and a difficult choice to end my college athletic career early, I began to write a recruiting guide for high school baseball players. The project soon grew to include all sports and all athletes. After I discovered just how little recruiting information was available to parents and high school athletes, I created Varsityedge.com to assist in the process. Varsityedge.com was designed to provide useful information on the college selection and athletic recruiting process. You will find a wide variety of topics, tips, and articles all geared to help you reach and succeed at the next level.

I have done extensive interviewing with parents, coaches, & players to get the latest info on the recruiting process and the current practices and pitfalls in the process. Since the sites inception, Varsityedge.com has received over 500,000 visitors and countless emails praising us for our mission and our information.

In 2016, Varsityedge.com was re-launched on a brand new WordPress platform.

Varsityedge.com is a free site. If you would like to support our site, we would recommend that you look at our newly published college athletic recruiting guide.The Making of a Student-Athlete: Succeeding in the College Selection and Recruiting Process for High School Athletes, Parents and Coaches

The Making of a Student-Athlete is a comprehensive guide to assist parents, student-athletes, coaches, & guidance counselors on the college recruiting and application process and will be beneficial for any athlete that wishes to compete on any level at college. Whether you are a Division 1 “blue chip” athlete, an aspiring Division 2 or Division 3 player or interested in NAIA or Junior Colleges, The Making of a Student-Athlete is a complete guide to assist your transition from high school to college athletics.

While there are many recruiting books on the market today, The Making of a Student-Athlete is not a recycled version of NCAA rules and regulations, nor is it simply a “how to win an athletic scholarship.”

The recruiting process is not simply about scholarship money or playing for the best team, it’s about understanding how athletics plays a role in your life and your college career and how to use athletics to gain entry into a school and a program that will help foster your success. There is unlimited opportunity for hard working student-athletes who wish to have a fulfilling career as a college athlete.

In order to achieve this success, we discuss over 96 individual topics and we look at all aspects of your high school career and everything that can and will influence your success in athletics, applying to college, and becoming a successful student-athlete once you arrive.

If you are from the New England area, please check out our other site – www.golfingnewengland.com

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