Snowmageddon coming to New England and the college recruiting process.

With the impending blizzard rumored to be dumping 24 inches of snow on New England this week, thousands of college athletes who play spring sports are soon going to be wondering if they will have a season.

Five Non-Negotiables in the College Athletic Recruiting Process

Five non-negotiable’s in the athletic recruiting process. There are many things to consider in the college athletic recruiting process for high school athletes and their parents. What works for one family will not work for another. Where one family succeeds, another might fail. While there are some best practices, there is no set path to […]

Perception vs. Reality in the Athletic Recruiting Process

Success or failure in the athletic recruiting process often is determined by a family’s beliefs about how they think the process works. Some believe good high school athletes will be found or discovered because that’s what college coaches do. Others think their high school coach will handle the recruiting process for their son or daughter. A […]

There is another you in the athletic recruiting process

You’ve worked hard in your sport for several years. You’ve taken private lessons and attended camps. You’ve played on an elite club/AAU team that’s traveled your region or country exposing you to other good players where you have held your own.

What is your summer athletic recruiting plan?

The summer can be one of the most important times in the athletic recruiting process. It is a time when college coaches are free to recruit and high school athletes are free to visit colleges and play in different athletic venues that potentially have college coaches in attendance. Ask yourself this question: When does my high […]

Athletic recruiting changes that affect high school athletes in 2017

Check out some important changes to the college athletic recruiting process including changes to financial aid, official visits, NCAA eligibility standards and more…

Common Athletic Recruiting Questions has fielded lots of questions over the years. Here are some of the more common questions we receive. How many scholarships for d1 football? Division 1 football teams are allowed to offer 85 athletic scholarships for their entire team and up to 25 new recruits each year. There is some discrepancy in football where […]

Creating successful athletic recruiting videos

Recruiting video plays an important role for both families and college coaches today. Video allows college coaches to get an insight into your skills when you are not afforded the opportunity to play in front of a college coach in person. While nothing replaces performing in front of a college coach, a good video coupled […]

Your coaches role in the college athletic recruiting process

Recently I read a recruiting article that says the greatest catalyst in getting your son or daughter recruited is their coach! But the author didn’t say WHAT COACH. Your high school coach and/or summer coach is one tool in the recruiting process. How that tool functions in your recruiting efforts depends on many factors. A […]

Will specializing help me get recruited

To specialize or not to specialize. I field many questions from parents and recruits via email. I often find myself repeating the same line, “what is right for one family is not necessarily right for another family!” Specialization is a controversial topic. I was a multi-sport athlete and I think it made me a better […]

Odds for an athletic scholarship do not depend on participation numbers

Some recruiting services pitch exposure as the ultimate recruiting tool and the number one reason that you won’t be recruited, using the theory that if college coaches do not know you, they cannot recruit you. While exposure is important, it’s exposure at the right level coupled with what a coach needs for their team and […]

Choosing Schools By Division is the wrong way to choose!

“The No. 5-ranked Ohio Northern football team began preseason practice for the 2005 season on Sunday beneath overcast skies. One hundred and eighty six players, including 107 freshman, were expected to report to camp on Aug. 13” – Quote from Ohio Northern Website, September 2005.  That is from page 133 of The Making of a […]

Making the summer college camp circuit work for your recruiting process

Many families inquire as to the effectiveness of attending college athletic camps for the purposes of getting recruited. Some people will have you believe that college camps are a waste of money if you are trying to get recruited and others believe they are the best thing since sliced bread. The truth lies somewhere in […]

5 Tips for parents of prospective college athletes

1 – Understand who is responsible. Many families assume that their high school coach is responsible for their recruiting process. High school coaches are great people; they work really hard and usually don’t earn much money. Often, they are teachers who have papers and tests to grade or work other jobs to make a living, […]

Being recruited vs. Recruiting: How to Increase your Ability to Choose What College You Attend

I read an article the other day about a recruiting seminar by a “renowned speaker.” He says: “You don’t choose the colleges. The colleges choose you.” I beg to differ!!! While your non-athletic classmates are busy researching, applying to and “choosing schools”, high school athletes seem to think they are “chosen”, and they often wait […]

The four letter word of college athletic recruiting: EXPOSURE

If I asked you who Phillip Phillips, Carrie Underwood, or Kelly Clarkson are, that might be an easy answer for you. They were all American Idol winners and immensely talented singers who have gone on to successful music careers since the show. But can you tell me who Shannon Magrane, Paul Jolley, or Andrew Garcia […]

Making the summer showcase circuit work for you

Players looking to broaden their exposure in the college recruiting process will often turn to showcases. These one or two day events offer high school players the opportunity to display their skills to college coaches and are a way for coaches to prospective recruits display their skills. While showcases offer can offer exposure to a […]

Contacting College Coaches

I recently got an email from a student asking how they should contact a coach. They asked via email or formal letter? The easy answer is as follows. Fill out the online recruit form found on most college websites which will capture your academic and contact information. Follow up with an email introducing yourself to […]

Take your recruiting process one step at a time

Question: How do you eat an elephant? Answer: One bite at a time. I talk to a lot of parents about recruiting. The word I hear over and over again is “overwhelming.” This quote was in a Navy SEAL book I am reading right now. The author says one of the keys to success at […]