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This is the baseball resume for Jack Harris of San Antonio Texas. This is a fairly extensive resume and the family covered all the bases (no pun intended). Here they have individual statistics, covered hitting for average, hitting for power, speed, fielding and versatility, arm strength, work ethic & desire, awards, and most impressive of all, comments from coaches that Jack has competed against. They chose to include some medical information which is important for coaches to know and while that may scare some coaches away, the family has noted that Jack has not missed a game in 3 years due to his condition. They concluded by providing the full contact info for the family, the high school, the high school coach, and the tournament select coach. There is one critical piece of information missing from this resume and that is academic information. Jack has been diagnosed with Dyslexia and while he has been taking regular high school courses, his best efforts have not produced a high GPA or SAT score. That was a family decision, but had they chosen to include it, that information would have been neatly displayed similar to the rest of the resume.
April 19, 2003
’03, Reagan High School, San Antonio, Texas
SS/OF, Throws Right, Bats Left, 5’11”, 180

High School stats through 24 games:

Team: 18-6 overall, 10-2 in District 26-5A-largest classification in Texas

2003 86 64 32 .500 15 8 2 7 65 1,016 19 1 2 2 .628 27 33 8 7
2002 101 75 34 .453 20 9 0 5 58 .773 20 2 3 5 .604 35 29 11 3
2001 94 75 35 .467 21 8 2 4 59 .787 14 4 1 4 .606 27 16 11 11

2003 HS .500 (24 games) against 5A pitching, leads team in BA, BB, OBA
2002 HS .453 (30 games) against 5A pitching, led team in BA, BB, OBA
2001 Select .582 (41 games) against top level select pitching
2001 HS .467 (23 games) against 5A pitching, led team in BA, BB, OBA
2001 .625 Junior Olympics, Tucson, Arizona
2000 Select .589 (48 games) against top level select pitching
2000 .619 Junior Olympics, Tucson, Arizona – top 10 of 1100 players

2003 HS 6 Homers, leads team in HR (7), Doubles (8), Triples (2) , Slugging (1.016%)
2002 HS 5 Homers, led team in Slugging and Total Bases
2001 HS 4 Homers, led team in Slugging and Total Base

Gun readings: 92mph from the OF, 91mph from SS and up to 93mph from the mound.
On defense Jack throws a straight ball – with fingers coming straight down over the ball.
On throws from the field there is no tail or curve. His throws have good 12-6 backspin.

Jack has been timed as low as 6.6 seconds in the 60. However, he is usually between 6.75 and 6.85 seconds.

Although a natural Shortstop, Jack played Centerfield in 2001 and 2002 in HS and made one error in 58 games. He has excellent range and gets a good jump on the ball.
Some scouts were “projecting” Jack as a Middle Infielder – they said he didn’t have the 6.6 speed they were looking for at CF and he didn’t have enough power to play LF or RF.
Instead of being “projected” as an infielder, Jack decided to “show” his skills in the infield. He moved to Shortstop for the 2003 season and is playing very well. He has great lateral range and has a good backhand. His throws to 1st are very hard and on-target.

Does Jack Work at His Game?
Jack takes thousands of cuts and hundred of grounders each week. In addition to high school practice, he works out on a ball field right outside his back door almost daily.

Jack Harris
His forearms are rock-solid and have been for several years. This is from swinging the bat – not from lifting weights.
In preparation for the HS season, he usually hits 3-4,000 balls a month for 4 months – outdoors and in all temperatures and with wood.
He has worked with many instructors. For the last two years he has seen Rocky Thompson (former Cub) for hitting and Rob Swain (former Indian) for defense on a regular basis. They come to Jack’s home and give lessons to Jack as well as several other players.

Can Jack Hit With Wood?
Jack uses wood bats in his cage at home daily. He usually hits 3 buckets of 50 balls each evening.
Jack has been to many wood bat tournaments and showcases and has plenty of pop off of wood bats.
He has hit balls out of Tropicana Field (St. Petersburg) and Minute Maid Park (Houston) in showcases using wood bats.

Jack’s Only 5’11”, will he grow?
Who knows? However, his dad is 6’7” and his 21 year-old brother is 6’2”.

Isn’t Jack sick?
Jack came down with Type I Diabetes during his high school freshman season (March 2000). He takes insulin daily using an insulin pump. He checks his blood sugar regularly and watches what he eats. Jack has taken charge of the situation and is handling it very well.
He has never missed a game in the past 3 years because of diabetes.
The only games Jack has ever missed were 3 games at the start of the 2002 HS season due to a broken toe.

Has Jack Signed a NLOI?
Jack signed with San Jacinto College in Houston on a full scholarship. San Jac is the #1 ranked JUCO in the country and has a superb program.
Although courted by many good programs, Jack has not signed with a D-1 program – yet.
Teams making offers include: Houston, Baylor, Auburn, Alabama, Arizona, and New Mexico.

Does Jack Want to Play Pro Ball?
Yes. And he wants to take the fastest track to get him not just to pro ball but to the majors.
The “fastest route” might be:
1) Go to San Jacinto and then sign a pro contract in 2004 or 2005, or
2) Go to San Jac and then a D1 before signing a pro deal in 2006, or
3) Go to a D1 before signing a professional contract in 2006, or
4) Or it might mean signing a professional contract right out of HS in 2003.

What Awards Has Jack Won?
2002 All-State, Outfield - Texas HS Baseball Coaches Assn. *
* Jack is on track to be named All-State for 3 years in a row in Texas 5A baseball. Only a few players have ever done that in Texas history. He is the only player in the state in 2003 that can accomplish this.
2002 Team Texas, Sunbelt Junior Classic - THSBCA, led team in RBIs
2002 1st Team “Super Team” - San Antonio Express-News
2002 All-City, 5A OF, 1st Team - San Antonio Express-News
2002 1st Team All-District Outfield - District 26-5A Coaches
2003 Selected for the National Top Prospect Showcase at Tropicana Field by Perfect Game

Jack Harris
2002 Rated “Top 10” at the Team One Regional at LSU
2001 All-State, Outfield - Texas HS Baseball Coaches Assn.
2001 All-City, 5A OF, 1st Team - San Antonio Express-News
2001 1st Team All-District Outfield - District 26-5A Coaches
2001 MVP - U of Houston Select Camp/Tournament

2002 “We have always liked Harris. We've seen him much better than he showed at Tropicana. He did have some stitches put in his elbow while attending. Still he showed great bat speed and hitting ability and one of the strongest outfield arms at the event. He's just a natural hitter, very aggressive with great hitting ability. He ran a 6.92, but we've seen him run better. Definitely a top prospect! 91 from the OF” --- Perfect Game Report after PG National Top Prospect Showcase in Florida (June 2002)

2002 "He is probably the toughest out in the city. He can hit to any field, go short ball or hit it out of the park. And he adjusts to any pitching. You try your best to keep him off balance and not develop a pattern, or he will pick it up." --- Churchill HS Head Coach Hector Rodriguez (5-31-02 newspaper article)

2002 "He's the best player in the district." --- MacArthur HS Head Coach Paul Lindy (5-31-02 newspaper article) In 2002 Jack went a combined 4 for 5 in two district games against MacArthur, including a homer and two doubles. He drove in six runs and scored five in a sweep of the district's second-place team.

2001 “I talked to Andy Ford at Perfect Game the other day and he spoke very highly of Jack's performance at the Baylor showcase. In fact, he thought Jack was probably the best pure hitter there.” --- Randy McLain, Ohio Thunder (2001)

2001 “Tough kid. Really wants to play. Average hands w/good feet, has a 3rd base arm strength. Athletic. Swing is stiff, but has quick hands through the zone. Has a lot of raw pop, just needs to clean up mechanics to create some looseness in swing.” --- (Midwest Prospects Showcase June 2001)

Basic Information:
Parents: Brad and Jean Harris
Address: 13601 Treasure Trail, San Antonio, Texas 78232
Phone: (210) 490-2124-home, (210) 617-5203-Brad (work)
Email: - Jean/home, - Brad/work
Birthdate: 8-15-84

High School Information:
High School: Ronald Reagan High School
19000 Ronald Reagan Drive
San Antonio, Texas 78258
HS Coach: Ricky Jordan Phone: (210) 482-2200x391-w, (830) 226-5086-h
Grad Date: June 3, 2002 email:

Tournament Select Team Information:
Team: San Antonio Xpress Phone: (210) 497-4206-h, (210) 832-9750-w
Coach: Jay Wright email:

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