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5 Tips for Parents to Succeed in the College Athletic Recruiting Process

Five tips to help parents and high school athletes succeed in the college athletic recruiting process 1 – Understand who is responsible. Many families assume that their high school coach is responsible for their recruiting process. High school coaches are great people; they work really hard and usually don’t earn much money. Often, they are […]

Being recruited vs. Recruiting: How to Increase your Ability to Choose What College You Attend

Can high school athletes control what college coaches recruit them? I read an article recently about a recruiting seminar by a “renowned speaker.” He says: “You don’t choose the colleges. The colleges choose you.” I beg to differ!!! While your non-athletic classmates are busy researching, applying to and “choosing schools”, high school athletes seem to […]

How Do Athletic Showcases Help Me Get Recruited?

Do athletic showcases help high school athletes get recruited? Do high school athletes need to attend athletic showcases? Players looking to broaden their exposure in the college recruiting process will often turn to showcases. These one or two day events offer high school players the opportunity to display their skills to college coaches and are […]

How Do I Contact College Coaches?

How do I contact college athletic coaches to try and get recruited? What is the best way to contact college athletic coaches? I recently got an email from a student asking how they should contact a coach. They asked via email or formal letter? The easy answer is as follows. Fill out the online recruit […]