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Varsityedge provides information for parents, student-athletes, & coaches on the college recruiting process and what it takes to play at the next level. Here you will find information on athletic scholarships, recruiting, financial aid, recruiting rules, college applications, visiting schools, life as a college athlete, coaches/player interviews, NCAA rules, and much more. is also the home of THE MAKING OF A STUDENT-ATHLETE - Succeeding in the College Selection and Recruiting Process for High School Athletes, Parents and Coaches. is a free athletic recruiting information site for all student-athletes, parents, coaches, counselors, and anyone else looking for information on the college athletic recruiting process.

Taming the high cost of college. On Friday January 23rd (to be aired at a date TBD) I will be doing a podcast interview with Brad Baldridge of Taming the high costs of college. Brad and I will be discussing the college athletic recruiting process. I was asked to create an action document that any family could use to help them in their college selection and athletic recruiting process. While the recruiting process is different for every college and every family and high school athlete, I came up with some actions that all families should take to help them succeed in the recruiting process. GO TO THE ARTICLE

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The Making of a Student-Athlete
Succeeding in the College Selection and Recruiting
Process for High School Athletes, Parents and Coaches

The Making of a Student-Athlete: Succeeding in the College Selection and Recruiting Process for High School Athletes, Parents and Coaches - is a 241 page college recruiting guide (Our 13th edition updated in March of 2015). If you are a parent, a student-athlete, coach, guidance counselor, or anyone involved in assisting high school athletes with the transition to college athletics, The Making of a Student-Athlete will assist in all facets of the college application and recruiting process. It is a must read for everyone. MORE INFO

"I have had the unique experience of coaching football at the D1, D2, and D3 level as well as high school for the last 25 years, and in that time, I have not come across a finer guide on the college recruiting and college selection process than The Making of a Student-Athlete. If you have any desire to play at the college level, I implore you to read this book!" John Papas - Director, New England Elite Football Clinic

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Some parents and students have requested information from us as to where they could find contact information and lists of schools so we have been doing our own research to find a useful tool. College Coaches Online is an online and CD format tool that allows parents and students to search for different college athletic programs and schools using a variety of criteria such as division, location, academic criteria and much more. Results provide accurate contact info for college coaches as well as email and web links to coaches and athletic web sites. visitors can receive a discount on either the online version or the CD. MORE INFORMATION

Families today need every advantage they can get when trying to pay for college. As a potential student-athlete, you have the advantage over other students who are not athletes, because you can tap into an additional source of aid which is athletic scholarship money. Unfortunately, athletic scholarships are few and far between and despite your skill or desire, there is a good chance you will have to fund the majority of your education. The good news is, in addition to being eligible for athletic scholarships,we've found an easy step-by-step guide to help you access the billions of dollars in financial aid, grants, and scholarships that are available to you from the Government and colleges. Read On Recruiting Quiz

Take the recruiting quiz and receive our 9-page quick start recruiting guide for parents (PDF) for FREE. The recruiting quiz is an informal quiz to test your knowledge on basic recruiting rules, regulations and some other things you should probably know if you are involved with the recruiting process in any way. TAKE THE TEST

 The United States Coast Guard Academy, one of the 4 US Military Universities, typically ranks as the hardest school to gain admissions to in the country each year. Last year's acceptance rate was a paltry 7% out of almost 6,000 freshman applicants. MORE

According to a new survey by Nellie Mae, the student loan company, college student borrowers now amass an average of $27,600 in educational debt, almost three and a half times what they compiled a decade ago in unadjusted dollars. MORE

An NCAA study reports that in 2006-07, 49.9 percent of the female and 38.4 percent of the male Division I tennis players were nonresident aliens. In 1999-2000, the percentages were 12.7 for female Division I tennis players, 16.6 for male players. MORE

  Apparently collegiate baseball has been a source of contention for the NCAA because they have made some drastic changes to how rosters are put together. In 2008, the NCAA somehow decided that D1 baseball needed its own recruiting guidelines in the form of roster caps and athletic scholarship distribution. Article

The NAIA has recently launched a new eligibility center website. The NAIA consists of 300 colleges and universities throughout the United States and Canada. The new website allows students to register with the NAIA for eligibility as well as build a custom profile and connect with NAIA coaches.

The college board announced last year something called Score Choice, which allows students to send only their top score to colleges for applications if they take the SAT test more than once. There is a catch however. Colleges can choose to request all scores from any and every SAT you take.

The University of Massachusetts announced it will offer a three-year degree program which several dozen colleges throughout the country have adopted. The program will be available for roughly 30 of the 88 majors offered at the University. All News
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